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Life comes with unexpected twists and turns that no one can see coming. While we can’t stop them from hitting us, we can change the way we respond and the actions we take to get justice in a bad situation. My name is William A. Parks, Jr., and I offer my services as an attorney to clients throughout Covington, VA.

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About William Parks, Attorney at Law

I came to Covington, VA, from Boston, MA, in 1972. I received my Bachelor of Arts with Distinction degree from the University of Virginia in 1969 and my Juris Doctor degree from the University of Virginia in 1972. I began practicing law in Covington, VA, with the law office of Erwin S. Solomon. I served as the Commonwealth’s Attorney for Bath County in Virginia from 1987 to 1989.

Covington’s Passionate Civil & Criminal Law Attorney

I bring what many attorneys cannot bring to the table. For many, law is just a job, but for me, it is my complete passion. I am dedicated to the world of civil and criminal law and protecting my clients from bad situations any way I’m able. My experience will speak for itself when you hire me as your trusted attorney. From family law matters to traffic law citations, I’m willing to fight for you at all costs.

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